NJC Sabrina Scali Influences NHL Change

The New Jersey Colonials family has a special 7-year old, Sabrina Scali, who decided to speak up and caused the NHL to make a big change. After seeing a deck of NHL playing cards portray the queen as a cheerleader, she wrote the NHL and told them that girls play hockey too!

The NHL responded by changing the queen holding pom-poms to a hockey stick. In addition, Scali and her teammates were invited by the New York Rangers to a special Jr Rangers on-ice practice and suite tickets to the Rangers/Devils game. Add in a special appearance by Olympic Gold Medalist and Jr Rangers Ambassador, Amanda Kessel, and the experience will be one Sabrina and all the Colonials girls will remember for a long time.

Check out the feature from CBS NY news and photo gallery from the day. Thank you New York Rangers!

January 9, 2020: The New York Rangers host a Jr Rangers clinic for New Jersey Colonial girls on the ice at Madison Square Garden with Amanda Kessel.