Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a quality environment for learning, playing, enjoying and fostering the athletic growth of our players, in the game of ice hockey.

Board Of Directors

President - Dr. Michael Shindle
VP of Girls Hockey - Anthony Detre
VP of Boys Hockey - Andrew Wilmott
Treasurer - Jeff George
Secretary - William Crutchlow
Members - Kristin Campbell, Jennifer Desiderio, Eric Stabler, Dr. Steven Stecker

Professional Staff

Andy Gojdycz, Executive Director
Callie Smith, Director of Hockey Operations
Bill McCreary, Director of Tier I - Boys Hockey
Brendon Herr, Director of Tier II - Boys Hockey
Shelly Picard, Interim Director of Girls Hockey
Don Gould, Coaching Coordinator (Girls)
Todd Drevitch, Hockey Skills Director (Girls)
Slava Kouroedov, Hockey Skills Director (Boys)
Dan Gould, Goalie Skills Coach (Girls)
Kevin Bendel, Goalie Skills Coach (Boys)