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Certification Process

USA Hockey Requirements (Must be completed before participating in any team activities).


Step 1 - Register as a member of USA Hockey. 

Cost is $46 plus $10 affiliate fee. Click here to register.


Step 2 - Complete the background screening. 

Required every year and cannot be added to a roster until completed.  Atlantic District Instructions


Step 3 - Complete the USA Hockey Safe Sport Training. 

Required every year and cannot be added to a roster until completed. USA Hockey SafeSport Training


Step 4 - Complete the online age-specific module(s) for the age level of play you are coaching.

Cost is $10 per module and only needs to be completed once per age level. Must be completed PRIOR to participating in any team activities and cannot be added to a roster until completed.  USA Hockey Coach Courses Log-In


Step 5 - Coaching Education Program Certification Clinic Requirements (Must be completed by Dec. 31)

Cost is $45 plus any lunch fees if applicable. You can only attend one clinic per season and all coaches start at Level 1. (The coaching clinic season for Levels 1-3 officially runs from September 1 to December 31). Coaching Clinic Locations



USA Hockey Mobile Coach :

  1. Mobile Coach App
  2. Desktop Mobile Coach


We highly recommend using USA hockey's vault of information for every coach, at every age level.


  1. Age Appropriate Practice Plans


If you are the most seasoned vet or a first time volunteer, these plans can add a fresh twist to your typical practice or offer drills that target specific skills.


Ice Hockey Systems:

Ice Hockey Systems Home Page

This web-page shares practice plans and drills for all age-groups, coaching systems and more.  Some require paid membership, but many resources are free.



Dryland and off-ice training is vitally important to developing stronger, better conditioned athletes and injury prevention.


USA Dryland Overview

USA Hockey Age-Specific


IHS Off-Ice Training Videos



Important Links

CEP Curriculum

Heads Up Hockey, Hockey Coaches Care, forms and manuals


Skill Progressions for Youth Hockey

Guide for appropriate skills and development at for every age group. 


Age Module Presentations

Nutrition, Alcohol & Drug Awareness, Concussions and Athlete Safety



New Jersey Colonials management and coaches use LeagueApps to access the team schedule, rosters, send messages and manage RSVP's/Check-in.

iOS Apple Store

Android App Store


Helpful Instructions on the App

Coaches App Guide


U.S. Center for SafeSport 


SafeSport is not for disagreements or disputes but where a real and present danger exists to a child's safety.  If you witness a child being sexually abused or told it is happening - go straight to the police and SafeSport Center.


Anything that happens in a game and is reported by officials is automatically reviewed by USA Hockey and does not normally fall under SafeSport.

Important Documents

Injuries:  NJC Incident Report

An injury that requires immediate medical attention and/or follow-up with a physician needs to have a New Jersey Colonials incident report completed and returned to Director of Hockey Operations, Callie Smith.

Please work with the injured player's family and complete to the best of your ability. Examples of injuries needing a report: head injury, fractures, sprains and ligament tears, wounds requiring stitches.


Concussion:  CDC Head Up Homepage

Concussions are unfortunately a risk for every athlete in youth sports.  It is imperative that all of us work to educate ourselves, parents and athletes on prevention, recognition and recovery unique to this serious injury.  The Colonials ask that all coaches and volunteers take the free online HEADS UP course offered by the CDC:  Heads Up Youth Sports Video Training.   Feel free to distribute the PDF and share video links with parents.


USA Hockey Secondary Insurance:  USA Accident Claims Reporting Instructions

USA Hockey Membership includes secondary insurance through K&K, K&K USA Hockey insurance-claim-form. , if medical bills exceed primary insurance coverage.  If a member does not have primary health insurance, USA Hockey insurance will act as primary and a $3,500 deductible will apply.  They also require timely filing so reports need to be submitted quickly.  The claim form must be completed by the injured player's parent/guardian and returned directly to K&K.